surprise food

Posted: July 20, 2007 in Blog

Sometimes things are best left unplanned. Last night I sat down in the bar at the hostel here with my book, figuring to hang out for a bit before heading off to bed. I had been reading for a little bit when someone came over and asked if I’d mind if she’d sit down in the group of chairs with me. I said not a problem and we got to talking. Fay, from Australia, was spending her last night in Uganda before heading off to Rwanda as part of her month’s leave from teaching in Tanzania.

Neither of us had really had dinner so we headed off to find some food and ended up at this tucked-away place that served the most fantastic dinner I could have imagined. We just asked them to bring us whatever they tought we’d like. S with a couple local beers to wash the food down we had stewed goat along with three vegetable side dishes and a potato-like concoction that was great but I can’t quite explain. All in all a wonderful night, that cost us each about 7 or 8 dollars. Not bad! Must be brief as many waiting for internet, but more later.


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