Can’t a brotha catch a break?

Posted: July 24, 2007 in Blog

Tonight I was walking home and feeling a bit hungry. It’s about an hour’s walk between work and the hostel, so plenty of time to think about where to go for dinner.

I ended up at this tucked-away place with a thatched roof and cold beer. Just what the doctor ordered.

When the waiter was listing off the menu, the offering of fish and chips caught my attention. Everything else they were offering would fall under the category of traditional Ugandan fare. I’ve been loving the new cuisine, and especially the full, all-you-can-eat traditional Ugandan meals served at work for 1,000 shillings (about 60 cents).

But a fella can only take so much matooke. (Steamed banana)

So I ordered the fish and chips and thought it would be a little taste of familiarity.

A couple beers later (which says a lot given that they come in massive bottles and pack about 6% alcohol), my dinner arrived.

There, staring back at me, was a head-to-fin deep fried fish, over a foot long. I looked up at the waiter with the eyes of a small child who was just told there’s no such thing as Santa.

“Oh please, no….”

A couple eyes and a gaping mouth facing you is a bit disarming. It ended up tasting okay, but I’ve learned my lesson. “Fish and chips” is not a universal dish.

On a side note (and not related to the beer, I swear) I took a tumble walking home in the dark tonight. The path alongside the busy road is uneven at best. In the dark I didn’t notice the drop-off and went ass-over-tea-kettle. I swear before my knee hit the ground there were three sets of hands on my back saying “So sorry, so sorry” and “Are you okay?

  1. Laura says:

    I’m not sure I can think of a grosser concept than a steamed banana. Now that I type that, it also sounds like some kind of porn stunt…aren’t you glad I read your blog?

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