Curious Chris Goes to Parliament

Posted: July 26, 2007 in Blog

Politics have always fascinated me. I loved covering Canadian politics whenever I got the chance. Although much of the time was spent eye-rolling at the ridiculous games politicians play, there are times when you become consumed by the debates, the personalities, the policies and what impact they have on citizens living far, far away.

Beyond hanging out on Parliament Hill, I made a point of visiting
provincial legislatures to compare how each region represents itself.

Yeah, I know, it’s geeky. But I’m happy to have added another one to the list. Twice this week of I’ve been down to the Ugandan parliament to cover stories happening there. It’s been a great chance to get a feel for what issues are on the minds of MPs, not to mention a chance to play tourist and take in the sights within parliament. I met some of the MPs, and we agreed to speak later about stories going on in their constituencies that may be worth covering. Might be a good way to build a pile of story ideas for a trip up-country.

Tuesday I went down to cover a committee meeting, and spent over an hour wandering around the buildings with another reporter trying to find a single committee meeting that had started on time.

None had.

Finally, well over an hour late, the meeting we’d come for started.

I bought a watch before I left on this trip, since I’d gone years
without one. I’m slowly learning that I may do just as well without it.


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