Nighttime antics

Posted: July 28, 2007 in Blog

A bit of a community has developed here at the hostel amongst those of us who are staying “long term”. It’s a quirky mix of two Canadians (myself included), a Slovak, an Australian, an Israeli and a Brit. Last night we got together with some others and, well, had ourselves some fun.

Things started at the hostel bar, then next door to an outdoor bar where friends of Ola’s, the Slovak, were having a going-away party before they left Uganda. It was a mix of westerners and Ugandans having a great time. At one point the group spontaneously formed into a dancing line (picture a conga line, but to raggae) and headed down the road to another outdoor club. There, we danced on a sloping hill overlooking the entire city. The view was amazing– sort of like standing on the north shore of Vancouver looking over the city. The Ugandans there, about 30 of them, taught the rest of us a style of Ugandan line dancing (at least that’s what I’ll call it). It was a simple dance, but, put to raggae pop, the rhythm was infectious, and the sight of a large group of people dancing together couple with the view was incredible.

At one point the Brit, a masters student named Nick who has delayed his return to London at least five times by my count, leaned over to me and, observing the crowd, said, “It’s like watching a flying flock of birds– it’s mesmerizing and you’re not quite sure how they do it!”

I laughed.

 After that we caught a ride with a South African named George to an Irish dance pub in Kampala.

(Quick aside: The scene of me meeting George:

Me: What do you do for work?

George *shouting over the music*: I do conflict resolution.

Me: Oh. We’re not talking about resolving conflicts on playgrounds, now are we…

George, laughing: No, we’re talking my-illegal-weapons-cache-is-bigger-than-your-illegal-weapons-cache style conflicts.

All in all, a good guy to have on your side.)

Anyway, the bar was great. For Ottawa folks, picture a smaller version of the Heart and Crown, but without the live music. They’re showing Monty Python’s Search for the Holy Grail on a movie screen on Tuesday, I think I might go.

I ran into the newspaper’s business editor and some friends of his at the bar and hung out with them for a while. Eventually we stumbled back to the hostel, thanks again to a ride from George.

This morning, I woke up a little bleary-eyed and fuzzy-tongued. Turning, I noticed that Ola was awake in the bunk beside mine. “You feel good, yes?” she said in her thick Eastern European accent, with a wicked smile.

(Context: Ola spent most of the night drinking vodka out of a water bottle and was up until 5 a.m. drinking whiskey with George. She does her country proud.)

I hurt, Ola, I hurt.

  1. Sara says:

    Sounds like a good night! Way to represent!

    The question is….are you actually getting any work done over there?


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