There goes the neighbourhood…

Posted: August 2, 2007 in Blog

We had formed quite a little community of “long-termers” at the hostel, but this week the neighbourhood disbanded. First with Nick leaving Sunday for the U.K., then Tuesday with Dave heading back to Canada, and me leaving yesterday and another returning to Israel today. I was back at the hostel last night to get my things, have one last drink at the bar and head across the city with my stuff.

So that means I finally have a place to live. It was immensely satisfying to dump the contents of my two backpacks onto my bed and find a place for everything. After living in a dorm with as many as 25 others for over two weeks, I’m about ready to enjoy some personal space.

And boy-howdy, do I ever have personal space. My room is huge—two beds, a desk, a wardrobe and two windows that open out to our front yard. The house is good too. A patio at the back, a shared kitchen, two living rooms and a small library of books that have been collected in the house over the years.

The area around the house will be fun to explore, too. It’s right on the main university campus in the city, and surrounding the campus is a bustling neighbourhood of shops, restaurants and stalls selling about everything imaginable. I thought it would be a shorter walk to work from this new place than it was from the hostel. But I found out this morning that the walk is almost identical—about an hour each way. It’s an interesting route through well-to-do neighbourhoods and the city centre, whereas my old route took me through the city’s industrial strip. Not exactly picturesque.

So, onwards and upwards and now, finally, feeling settled in.


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