Wherein I draw a premature conclusion…

Posted: August 3, 2007 in Blog

I can safely say the potential side-effects of my anti-malaria pills weighed heavier on my mind than any other issues tied to my move to Uganda.

Nearly everyone I spoke with who had taken the pills experienced, at the very least, terrifying nightmares and often had bouts of paranoia and pretty severe insomnia. When I mentioned these issues to the travel doctor in Toronto, he laughed, and confirmed that I was in for a fun time.

But so far, so good. And four weeks into the medication I hope I’m in the clear. Though I’ve had a few dreams that had me wondering about my mental health, I’ve had nothing like what others recounted.

Now, having said that, I’m probably not going to sleep for a week. But that’s probably just me being paranoid.


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