Religious awakening…

Posted: August 5, 2007 in Blog

There are many things I enjoy waking up to in the morning:

1) The aroma of bacon

2) The smell of the outdoors when you are sleeping in a tent

3) The knowledge that you don’t have to rush off to anything

4) The sound of hundreds of church-goers fervently singing gospel music at 7 in the morning.

*The sound of a record coming to a sudden stop*

What was that last one?

The singing this morning started about dawn, and was still going strong at 9:30. Luckily it wasn’t all from the same service. They hold multiple services back-to-back-to-back-to… so it’s the same songs over, and over, and over, and…

Yeah. One of the other guys in the house said he hasn’t slept past dawn on a Sunday since he moved in. “It sounds like they’re singing right outside your window,” he said. It really does.

  1. Brandon Currie says:

    You too, huh? The Dutch Reform Church, which sounds kinda conservative, is most certainly not early Sunday mornings.

    From what I can tell they have all the instruments of a rock band, plus hundreds of Holy Rollers belting out hymn after hymn. As an added bonus they practice on Saturday mornings too!

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