Gone fishin’ (for real this time)

Posted: August 10, 2007 in Blog

Just back from interviews here in Kampala with arm loads of information about victims of the civil war in the north. I’m off to see some of it first-hand for a few days, so this place will be dark until I get back Tuesday night. (And for real this time, not like last weekend when the trip to the Ssese Islands got called off because of bad weather).

  1. "Sue Russell" says:

    Hi Chris! Finally got the right wbesite to read your news! Sounds like every day is a new and EXCITING(?) adventure. Thinking of you and please be safe.
    Sue,Lin and Skye
    Happy fishing?????

  2. Family from Mazengah Island says:

    Greetings from your family on Mazengah! We appreciate reading your fascinating commentaries of life in Uganda! Thank you Chris!
    Graham, Nancy, Melissa, Branden, Fay, Lindsay, Collen, Phil and Jan celebrated Louise’s birthday yesterday with a picnic, group barbecue and cake!
    Weather has been hot and sunny-fire ban
    Take care and we will keep in touch.
    Lots of love and good wishes,

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