Timing is everything

Posted: August 15, 2007 in Blog

Bag full of various medicines to use in case of local food-caused stomach problems: $17

Stockpile of Africa guidebooks that include information on how to handle local food-caused sickness: $45

Having my first violently ill episode caused by local food 20 minutes before embarking on a 9 hour, bone-jarring drive into Northern Uganda: priceless

  1. Ryan says:

    Dude read your whole blog today first time I have seen it. (Also slow day at work)

    It’s awesome glad things are working out well and that you’re not dead.

    The story on the CHOGM is really interesting and I have seen no coverage of it over here. When you get back we will have to discuss beer.

  2. katelewis says:

    Eww… how I remember the evil stomach issues well. Try Gabbarol… you can buy it at any of the pharmacies… costs a bit, about 14,000 shillings but will absolutely kill any evil bug that causes a ruckus on your tummy. I’m a big fan.

  3. cmason2 says:

    Good call, Katie. I’ll pick some of that up. You know what they say, You can never have too much Gabbarol.

    Hey Andy, good to see ya ’round these parts. Come on back now y’hear? I’m going to send you a note so I can get some details on your new job.

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