Return to Kampala

Posted: August 26, 2007 in Blog

We drove back into the city from the Entebbe Airport, arriving in Kampala a bit past 7 p.m. Friends were having a party that I had hoped to get to, but first I needed to shower and clean up after a long day in Karamoja.

Walking down to the main road where I was going to get a boda-boda home, I realized I was standing across the road from the Garden City mall.

I’m so tired that if I go home, I’m just going to fall asleep, I thought.

Clearly, then, it would be silly of me to go home.

So I went into the mall, had a shower at the gym, used the internet café to send a few I-made-it-back-safely e-mails and bought a sandwich and then drinks for the party before heading off on a boda-boda in the opposite direction from home for a fun night with friends.


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