A Day in the Life of a Failed Thief

Posted: September 24, 2007 in Blog
  • Man gets caught stealing cellphone or wallet in Kampala
  • Angry mob quickly forms and beats failed thief to within an inch of his life
  • Police arrive on scene, take thief to hospital
  • Thief receives free, government-funded, medical care at hospital
  • Police take no action against criminal, figuring that severe beating is enough punishment
  • Thief is released
  • Repeat, beginning with Step One
  1. David says:

    I love this. Keep it up, buddy.

  2. Matt and Sarah Strickland says:

    Suuuure, Chris. A day in the life of a failed “thief”. Who could this “man” be? Hrmmmm. We REALLY wonder. Pfff…try to be a bit more subtle next time. Seriously, how are the bruises healing?

    Happy Thanksgiving from Oxtongue Lake (the little town which, albeit geographically close to Dwight, is lightyears ahead)!

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