Matooke and Me: A love-hate relationship

Posted: October 5, 2007 in Blog

Since returning from the most recent trip to Karamoja a little over two weeks ago I’ve been on a quasi-hiatus from local foods. Partly because I was on local foods overload up there, where beans and rice are often all that’s available, or trustworthy. But also in part because I still haven’t fully kicked the after-effects of this parasite.

And so, I’ve been seeking out familiar foods. Yesterday I had a Hawaiian pizza for lunch. The day before, a tuna sandwhich. It’s an expensive way to eat (say 10,000 shillings compared to the 1,000 shillings it would cost to have a lunch of local foods), but it’s helped keep my stomach in line.

Today, I thought it was time to return to local foods. I couldn’t go on heading into town for lunch every day, and it’s been long enough that I was sure my stomach could handle local foods again.

Guess again.

I should have turned back when I walked into the lunch room and saw a pile of fish heads staring back at me from the metal serving dish. But instead, I slapped my 1,000 shilling note on the table, grabbed a plate and loaded up.

Matooke (steamed bananas), g-nut sauce, rice, boiled fish and a boiled vegetable of unknown origin.

I got through about half of it before I threw in the towel and left, my stomach grumbling away its unhappiness.

Sorry, local food, our friendship is back on hold. Hope to see you again soon.


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