“Turkey”, as a loosely defined term

Posted: October 8, 2007 in Blog

It was a typical Thanksgiving weekend in this part of the world—gathering with friends over a large dinner complete with Turkey.

Wait, was that a capital “T” on “Turkey”?


We did the best we could. Really, we did.

Turkeys don’t exactly grow on trees around here. And the oven in my house doesn’t so much “work”, so a traditional Thanksgiving dinner just wasn’t in the cards.

So we improvised. Four of us Canadians headed off to the closest thing we could think of—a Turkish restaurant here in Kampala. Hey, if we can’t have turkey, we’ll sure as heck have Turkey.

So instead of turkey, we had chicken. Instead of squash, we had hummus. Instead of mashed potatoes, we had rice. Instead of sharing a large pumpkin pie, we all shared a hookah pipe while lounging in the cool evening.

All in all, it was a fun evening and not a bad way to cap off a great weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

  1. April Fong says:

    I like the way you improvise Mr. Mason.
    For me however, there is no substitute for a big ol’ slice of pumpkin pie…

  2. Matt says:

    Very clever way to substitute for what we’re doing back home!

    So let’s see: at Christmas you can go looking for a Christmas Islander restaurant, at Easter an Easter Islander restaurant (don’t look too hard for either of those), and from the period of November-April either a restaurant that serves food from Iceland or Chile. [Buh-dum-boom-CHING!]

    I’ll be here all night folks.

  3. cmason2 says:

    Please, nobody respond to Matt’s comment. It’ll only encourage the puns. Next thing you know he’ll be recommending antique shopping in China or asking “Kenya pass the salt, please?” at the dinner table.

    p.s. Thanks for being here all night, Matt. It nicely boosted my site traffic.

  4. […] example, Thanksgiving came and went with little fanfare (though we tried our best). But would Halloween pass by […]

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