You know it’s going to be a long night when…

Posted: October 9, 2007 in Blog

1. You’re invited to the bachelor party of a co-worker at a downtown club.

2. You meet with Ugandan friends at a nearby bar for a few pre-bachelor party drinks. The group then decides it is time to “start” the festivities about midnight.

3. Upon walking into a packed dance club, you turn to your friends and ask where in the club is the bachelor party group. You are then informed that the entire club has been rented out for the bachelor party and everyone in the club is in fact there for the bachelor party.

4. You witness a debate between your friends– one of whom is your ride home– over whether to head home before, or after, dawn. On a week night.

Heading into work today was a lot of fun. Yep, really happy to be here.


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