When the draw of matooke and red clay is just too strong to resist

Posted: November 14, 2007 in Blog

Katie is a large part of the reason I’m here in Uganda.

Long before I got the opportunity to come here, I listened to Katie’s stories about her experiences reporting in Uganda. And it was her words that came back to me when I was offered this chance.

Not long after I moved here, Katie, a fantastic friend I worked with in university, moved to Toronto to take up a very good reporting position at one of the big papers.

But she had an itch, and thankfully she scratched it.

She quit yesterday, and is on her way back to Uganda to report from here, where I’ll have a cold beer waiting.

Thanks, Katie, for being the devil on my shoulder, telling me I should drop everything and set off on the trip of a lifetime. Glad to hear you’re still listening to the devil on yours.


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