Urban IDPs

Posted: February 28, 2008 in Blog

The issue of urban IDPs (those displaced by the rebel fighting in the north who fled to urban areas rather than to established refugee camps) has been getting a fair bit of attention lately. That attention has drawn some people here because of the few postings I’ve put up about the issue.

To make the search easier, here are the three articles I’ve written about the issue of urban IDPs:

First, one from a December trip to an urban IDP community on the eastern outskirts of Kampala. It is here that the Ugandan Minister of Disaster Relief has agreed to visit on Friday this week.

Second, a follow-up article about the UN’s policy on the issue.

Lastly, an article from early December following a seminar on the urban IDP issue.  (Can’t find the article online, so I have linked to a posting from this site put earlier in February).


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