Photos of a few people I’ve met along the way

Posted: March 19, 2008 in Blog

 On this day, when I will be getting on a plane to Europe, here are a few pictures of the people I’ve met along the way…


These are four boda-boda drivers who I’ve enjoyed getting to know. Each are great guys– from Ronald, who at 21 has kids aged four and three and is trying his best to learn English, to Jackson who is president of the local boda-boda association, to Mathias who always has a joke and a wry smile, to Joseph who I have written about often here and has been a great friend.

YMCA class one

Here are some of the students learning English at a school I’ve been working at the past month or so. They are mostly Sudanese and are all wonderful people. There is no doubt in my mind that in the very short time I spent there, I learned more from them than they could have possibly learned from me. Below is a picture with the second English class I’ve been working with.

YMCA class two

Here is Stanley, one of the men in the nearby market who I have been buying my fruits and vegetables from these past months. Yesterday when I went to see him one last time, we sat for a while enjoying a few nuts as he told me about his family.


Below is Francis, who sells roasted chickens outside the market. He always got a kick out of hearing me using the few Luganda phrases I’ve picked up.

Chicken Francis

And lastly, Tom, who has been cutting my hair since I got here. A wonderful, soft-spoken man who, despite having only a pair of clippers with no attachments, was by far the best barber I’ve ever been to.

Barber Tom

These are some of the many, many people I will be thinking of as I get on the plane.

  1. Nolubabalo says:

    Hi there,
    I came across your blog while searching for contact details of the uganda’s entebbe international airport. Thank you for your commentary and may you come back to Africa again. I am sure you have missed home, but do come back. MAYBE South Africa next

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